October 15

9:30am to 12:00pm – Sabina Cavalli


Sabina Cavalli

Have you ever wished you could create dynamic sports portraits like the ones you see in magazines?  Do you wonder how to set up your lighting to maximize the impact of your sports images? Learn how to create killer sports images from start to finish.

In this workshop we will cover the following topics: 1) how to design a sport session based on the sport you are photographing; 2) how to pose athletes to achieve dynamic images; 3) lighting set ups and ideal ratios to achieve edgier results; 4) editing methods and tips.

Sabina Cavalli is a portrait photographer based in Greenville, SC. She is a PPA Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, Fellow-PPANI, and a Certified Professional Photographer. She serves at the Council of PPA, and also on the boards of PPofSC (Professional Photographers of SC) and of ASP (American Society of Photographers). She also acts as CPP liaison for the State of South Carolina. She is a PPA affiliate print competition juror in training.


12:00Pm to 12:30pm – Jens Nielsen


Jens Nielsen

Jens immigrated from Denmark at the young age of 20 and was sponsored by a local business owner who introduced him to the world of photography. Two years later, Jens started Pictureline Inc., a camera store in Salt Lake City that is still going strong after 29 years.

Jens has adapted to the quickly changing photography industry, first accommodating the professional film photographers, but constantly growing with the fast-paced digital scene that now includes video and motion picture.

With a business always evolving, Jens still keeps his customers at heart of his work. His face lights up when he can teach others about photography and help customers find exactly what they need. He often takes time out of his busy schedule to greet long-time customers as well as assist new clients.

Besides teaching Pictureline’s More to Photography Camera classes, Jens also has taught various seminars focused on scanning, archiving, and the importance of preservation. He is also known for hosting many lectures, events, and workshops at Pictureline. His passion for photography is apparent through his desire to expand the knowledge of amateurs, professionals, and enthusiasts.

“Seems that today everyone is a photographer. Anyone that owns a camera suddenly becomes the expert in picture taking. As more images are captured today than ever before, more images are also discarded. Simply put, most images are not worth of our time and visual attention and only adds to the increasing visual noise. The world is not in need of more “picture takers”, what the world need is more “picture makers”. While most people have creative talent, photography is a delicate balance between the art and the technical. A great “picture maker” / photographers can’t survive on creativity alone, as that is only half of the equation.”

With 29 years of experience owning and running one of the most successful camera stores in the United States, Jens has a fundamental understanding of what makes a great photographer

2:30am to 4:30am – Aurora DeLuca

Stay Flexible: Posing Strategies for Newborn Photography

Aurora DeLuca

Newborn sessions are both fun and profitable. There’s nothing quite like posing a sleepy newborn and creating something beautiful. But it’s not always a breeze. What do you do if you have a wakeful baby? Or you find yourself with a baby struggling with colic? Maybe your client couldn’t get newborn photos for a few weeks longer than that ‘recommended’ window. This class focuses on my method of flexible flow posing and newborn safety. By preparing to move flexibly through a session and setup, you can choose how and when to pose baby by following their lead. We will also cover safety dos and don’ts when posing newborns. By maintaining flexibility and preparedness throughout these special sessions, you can calmly guide your session and guarantee plenty of beautiful images.


6:30pm to 9:00pm – Sandra Pearce

Painting in Photoshop

Sandra Pearce

Ever walk into a location and feel less than inspired? After 15 years in the industry,

Monday Schedule
Time Length Speaker/Event
9:00-9:30: 30m Registration Opens – All Events will be at the Mountain America Expo Center
9:30-12:00 2h30m Sabina Cavalli – Sportraits
12:00-12:30 30m Jens Nielsen – Pictureline
12:30-2:30 2h Lunch on your own and Stylized Shoots
2:30-4:30 2h Aurora DeLuca – Stay Flexible: Posing Strategies for Newborn Photography
4:30-6:30 2h Dinner on your own and Stylized Shoots
6:30-9:00 2h30m Sandra Pearce – Painting with Photoshop