unnamed I am one of those people that truly believe all things are possible. I am passionate about living a life I love. I was not always this way. For more than ten years I was stuck doing my backup profession, living a life that was my Plan B because I was too afraid to go for Plan A. Each day I went to work and I was miserable. I would sit and dream about freedom. I learned the art of decision in 2013 when I quit my full time job and committed to myself that I would grow my small little photography business into my bread and butter. I designed a life of travel, doing what I want when I want, booking gigs all over the globe, and being happier than any one person should ever be (but oh, how we deserve this!). I have a deep belief that the only way the world will be at its best is if WE are at our best. And we are at our best ONLY when we wake up every day and love who we are and what we are doing. I am fiercely committed to my own success and to the success of each business owner I coach, mentor, and teach. I have worked and lived in more than 7 different countries, traveled to more than 40 of them, and have a plan to visit every country in the world before I’m 50. I’m making good headway. See More
Emily-London-Profile-SM   Emily London Miller is a Portrait Photographer and Photography Mentor based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. After creating a successful online business in her early twenties, Emily stepped down from her role as CEO to chase after her dual love of business building and photography. In the five years since then, Emily has had to tackle the challenges that come with creating balance among her roles as a working photographer, wife, and mother. See More
  IMG_7465Photography has been a part of my life since I was 14 and a family friend gave me their old camera. It was a Canon AE-1 and I took it everywhere. Imagine my delight when in college, someone said that if I kept working hard and training, that I could be a professional. You mean, I'd get PAID to take pictures??? It was like someone had told me that I could get paid for eating ice cream! So, choosing to be a photographer as my career wasn't a difficult decision. Deciding which type of photography to specialize in, though, was harder. I kept thinking that I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer and travel the globe, but one day I read an article that said they were all divorced and spent months and months at a time away from their children. Photographing joyful events made much more sense for my personality, so wedding was a perfect fit! See More
11863452_10153152277653507_3764836445551724034_n   I started a love of photography around 2008 after I graduated college and went on a three-week trip to Europe with my first DSLR. After that, I was hooked. I was introduced to the wonders of my own backyard, the desert Southwest, and have enjoyed many photography adventures there since. I love to travel, and have found that photography allows me to capture, remember and share memories with myself, friends and family. See More    
Paul Van Allen   Having received my first camera for my 16th birthday, I have been trying to make pictures for more than 30 years. My first paying job as a photographer was right out of high school when I was a “staffer” for a sports magazine. There I honed my skills in the photo journalist and studio aspects of the business. I spent several years printing in a Professional B&W lab before selling cameras in a retail store. Both jobs were a gold mine for learning the gear and techniques that make better images. After 7 years as a camera store “geek”, I joined Nikon in 1994.   See More    
IMG_7465   We are Carli + Beau Photo and Cinema, a husband and wife team based out of Southern Idaho. We specialize in creating captivating photography and videography for weddings and businesses. We are high school sweethearts who have a passion for learning and growing. Carli started shooting weddings in 2009 and Beau joined the business doing video in 2012. We are proud to say that we get to enjoy doing photo + video as our full time careers, and we are so happy that we took the leaps of faith needed to get us to where we are today. See More  
hpickett   Heather Pickett is Salt Lake City’s award winning newborn photographer. She began her photography career in 2011 and has since become the nation’s first Certified Professional Photographer to be certified on a purely newborn portfolio. Heather has earned recognition both locally and nationally during print competition including Rookie of the Year and two loan titles, “The Balancing Act” and “Intertwined Hearts.” Her work has been featured on the cover of the Professional Photographer Magazine, in addition to multiple hospitals in the Salt Lake valley. Heather has been an entrepreneur since the age of ten, starting and developing multiple ventures throughout her life. She has applied her general business knowledge in establishing her well-recognized, profitable photography studio. See More  
Loni headshot   Loni Smith is a Utah newborn and child portrait photographer with a special focus on composites. Her whimsical, dreamy style enables her to create fairy tale heirloom portraits for her clients. Her favorite subjects are her children that are often the inspiration behind her creations. She has been shooting professionally since 2011 and has taught workshops nationally and internationally. Loni has been married for 17 years and has 5 really cool kids - four girls and a boy.   See More  
Opie_Headshot__web0001   Chauntelle Janzer “Opie” is a beauty and boudoir photographer located in Salt Lake City, UT. She graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelors degree in Fine Art Photography. She started her business 9 years ago as a wedding photographer but has since specialized in women's portraits. Her 1,000 sq foot boudoir studio is located in downtown Salt Lake City near the library. Opie is known for using a variety of lighting techniques such as hot lights, strobes, and natural light.   See More    
_bioCreative. Photographer. Entrepreneur. After a collegiate volleyball career at Washington State, Melissa's work ranges from Sports Broadcast Journalism at NBC in Seattle, Color Commentator for Fox Sports Net, Marketer for the Seattle Seahawks and various photography projects working as a co-founder and host of the photography platform, [FRAMED] Network and editor of PhotoFocus.com. The most recent and lofty endeavor is working most intently with her husband, Philip, in a disruptive concept and startup called Parachut. It's the first ever club of its kind offering photographers unlimited gear swaps for a monthly subscription. See More