Tim Mathiesen

Tim Mathiesen
Tim Mathiesen

Beautiful Panoramas Made Easy

Who is Tim Mathiesen?

Tim Mathiesen, ASP Fellow, Master Photog, Cr., CPP – Tim Mathiesen has over 50 years experience in the photographic industry. His experience ranges from operating his own business to marketing management positions at several leading photographic manufactures. He is a recognized expert in panoramic and commercial photography. He has traveled the world as a speaker, photographer and educator looking for that fleeting image. Tim has won many international and national awards for his photography. His website, www.panoscenes.com, is a showcase for his award winning photography.

As a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, he has gone on to earn the Fellowship of the American Society of Photographers, the Masters degree from the Professional Photographers of America and the Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers of California. Tim is a PPA international qualified photographic juror and Jury Chairperson. He has conducted image critiques in the USA, England, Mexico, Canada, Korea and Japan. He has over 150 PPA exhibition merits and more than 40 images in the PPA Loan Collection. He has won the Kodak Gallery Elite Award, 6 Fuji Masterpiece Awards and 5 Kodak Gallery awards. Tim has served as President of several state, national and international photographic organizations.

What is this class about? 

Panorama photographs, once only possible with special format cameras, can now be created with any digital camera. This program will take you through the creation of beautiful pans using your favorite camera and software. Whether you are using a high end DSLR, Mirrorless, a point-and-shoot or your smart phone, you will learn how easy it is to create panoramic images.
During the program, we will discuss equipment, accessories, exposure and techniques that will make stitching simple and fun. We will actually create a pan while you watch. Software will be discussed, as well as plug-ins that will make your images even more beautiful. Come prepared to learn the simple techniques that will enhance your landscape photography.

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